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Hey, I’m Jae. This site contains bits of my headspace: learnings, projects, cool things I find on the Internet, and more. You can find out more about me here.

A Collection of my Favourite Artwork

I’ll periodically update this with new pieces of art I come across. I don’t have a strict selection criteria to determine what art makes it on the list. Rather, I listen to my gut and my emotional response after I see it. Viktor Vasnetsov, Knight at the Crossroads, 1882. (Image source: Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg). The writing on the stone says: “If you go straight ahead, there will be no life; there is no way forward for he who travels past, walks past or flies past....

November 16, 2022 · 1 min

Sequence Models in Vision Forecasting

Introduction Vision forecasting is something I’ve been fascinated with so this post serves as a reflection of my understanding. This post will take you through the latest advancements in deep learning techniques used for sequential modelling, in particular with the use case of time-series vision forecasting. I’ll start with the ideas behind staple architectures, like a vanilla RNN, LSTM, and GRU, and then discuss the advancements made by their successors and why/how each new development did better than the previous one....

July 23, 2022 · 13 min

Climatehack Overview

Overview Climatehack.ai was an international hackathon themed around fighting climate change. This post will dissect some of the thought process behind our decisions and also show methods we used to build our solution. Much credit goes to my teammates Tony Liu and Andy Cai. Background Better near-term forecasting of solar electricity generation will enable electricity grid operators around the world to do a better job of scheduling their grids. For example, the UK National Energy Grid Operator currently use a combination of solar and natural gas sources to generate power....

April 5, 2022 · 11 min

Driver Drowsiness Project Breakdown

My first ML Project was building a tool that could alert drivers if their eyes were closed for too long. This was inspired by seeing a news article about how Amazon monitors their drivers through in-truck cameras, inspiring me to wishfully turn it into something actually useful. This post will break down the design decisions I made, and explain the tools I used in depth. It will also reflect on what I’ve learned from this experience....

January 2, 2022 · 9 min